Links to Our Favorite Web Sites

Charitable Tax Planning:
  National Heritage Foundation ... charitable tax planning tips and information.

  Trust Counselors Network An Educational, not-for-profit Public Charitable Organization

  American Stock Exchange ... quotes and market activity.
  NASDAQ ... NASDAQ investment information.
  New York Stock Exchange ... welcome to the Big Board!

Planning and Money Management:
  Summit Trust Company. Trusts, LLC’s, and more


General Interest Sites: ... a huge library of freeware/shareware programs of all kinds.
  Google! ... an extremely fast Web-based search engine.
  Newspapers Online ... a tool to reference the world's online newspapers.


Infinite Banking Concept:

Becoming Your Own Banker, the Infinite Banking Concept also reveals the  truth behind the most important business in the world - banking.  It provides you with foundational financial wisdom that will help you understand personal finance like never before.


Circle of Wealth,  The system explores the effects of "transferred money" and the "opportunity costs" associated with those lost dollars, taking the client through a range of discussions including (but not limited to): taxes, qualified and non-qualified plans, mortgages, the accumulation and distribution of assets, and the overall wealth-building process.


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