SPS Investment


Have you ever felt that your stock broker was calling you to buy a stock for the sole reason of boosting his commission?  At Strategic Planning Services we provide much of our work on a fee basis. And we employ methodical strategies for managing investment portfolios.

What About Security?

Unless you choose to work with us on an hourly basis, you never make a check payable to us.  Your check is always made payable to an investment firm or, in the case of insurance, to an insurance company.  We never take custody of your funds.

What Do We Offer That Other Investment Advisors Do Not?

We don't pretend to know everything. We do, however, understand financial risks and opportunities for investors. For example, most people mistakenly think that there is no escape from taxes on IRA withdrawals. Many investors do not know that two assets are commonly double-taxed at death but that this tax can be avoided. If you think that real estate is a taxable event, we can show you four ways to circumvent the tax.

We focus on areas that are overlooked by most stockbrokers who are only understand the basic methods of saving taxes and investing. We provide powerful benefits and savings for our clients. Call us at 1-616-447-0023 for a free consultation.

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